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Advanced Water Treatment Systems

Pure Water for Your Whole Family

Get pure, clean drinking water when you call the water experts at Chem Free Pure Water Systems. Benefit from our more than 40 years of experience to find the water purification system that's just right for your needs. From water softeners to top-of-the-line water filtration systems, we have what you're looking for.

We strive to deliver you the best quality systems and services available. Rely on a company that's licensed by the state of Georgia as Class 4 Water Experts. Call us for more information today. You'll get a FREE water analysis. If you buy your system from us, we'll waive the $70 charge for testing your well water for bacteria.

Purification Systems

Depend on us for quality water purification systems that provide your home with clean, pure water for cooking, bathing, and doing your laundry. While other companies may still rely on outdated equipment using green sand to remove iron and chlorine, we prefer more modern alternatives to remove the toxins from your water supply.

We offer advanced systems like a whole-house chlorine removal system with no backwash that can purify water for your entire household. You can also choose an Iron Breaker III system that will remove up to 15 PPM of iron and up to 10 PPM of sulfur from your water. We offer the best iron breaker systems to remove iron from your water supply.

A third option is our ultraviolet light purification system that comes with a 20-micron filter and a 12 GPM UV light system. It also comes with a case of 8 filters, which is more than enough to provide you with clean water for an entire year.

System Installation and Shipping

You'll get nothing less than top-quality service when you work with us. All local installations, water analysis, and service will be performed by our knowledgeable staff. Shipping is also available if you'd prefer to handle the installation yourself or let your own plumber handle the job for you.

You'll get FREE shipping when you buy a system from us, and each purification system comes with comprehensive, easy-to-follow installation instructions.

System Prices and Offers

We pride ourselves in offering you affordable prices on reliable water treatment systems. We have low overhead and we pass those savings on to you. Your family can always have clean, fresh water to use.

You can get a new iron treatment system, with installation, for only $1,850.
The price only changes if the installation is to be done in a difficult-to-access area like a crawlspace. All our systems come with a 1-year guarantee, so you know you'll get a dependable system.

Water Analysis Services

You'll always receive stellar results when you work with us. We have the years of experience, the equipment, and the qualifications to maintain your community water system in compliance with all state regulations.

You can get FREE water analysis from us. We'll charge for the bacteria test, and if the test is positive and you buy a treatment system from us we will take the cost of the test out of the system cost. You'll always get fast, affordable service when you call us. Whenever possible, we will even try to be out to see you the next day.

Make sure your family's water is safe to drink. Call us today.
Contact us today for a FREE estimate on water analysis and get $70 OFF if you order your water system from us!
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